This is a compendium of fear, pain and death.

In today's flashy world of Wiis and the DS, it's easy to believe
that it's all just fun and games.  In fact, many gamers have
forgotten the unbridled terror that lurks just beneath the
paper-thin veil of reality.  I speak of none other then the Tails
Doll, Sega's most deadly mistake.  

Don't believe me?

Click away to learn more.  You might as well know more about
it, since it already knows everything about you.
Update:  Going deep undercover, my friends. I may not be back for
awhile, but until then enjoy the archives and stay safe
... (11-6-11)
The "Tails Doll" is the property of Sega, and your soul is the property of The "Tails Doll."
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